Bonus Stage 1
Bonus Stage 1
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Bonus Chapter 1
Korean Title Bonus Stage 1
Release Date
Korean 28th December, 2013
English Unreleased
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Bonus Stage 1: This is a special chapter made because author-nim, Yun Hyunseok, was having a personal reflection. Along with the the special chapter, author-nim uploaded pictures for mobile phones and a winter version for PC due to numerous requests. Also, a DICE collaboration music video, between The Rock Diamond, the DICE series and StudioRoomer, is scheduled to be uploaded.


While author-nim is trying to finish a chapter before the deadline, he receives a special delivery from X. Opening it, he finds a Dice inside and realises that by increasing his agility and fitness he could finish before the deadline. Author-nim then begins fantasising about the other things he could achieve with Dice before rolling the Die and hoping for a six. The special chapter ends with the Die rolling...

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