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Dice first started creation in 2011, which was 2 years before the prologue's release. The author was enraptured by the idea of 'a massive Dice fallen from the sky in front of one's eyes'. From that image, the concept of desires and other bits of the story were slowly pieced together.


At that point in his life, he resented the sayings of Everyone has their own talent & Everyone is equal. He was jealous and chased after the things he was born without or have never obtained. The author also stated that he was immature, but since he wanted to be 'reborn', he channelled his thoughts of 'I want to be reborn, take things back, change this strange unfair life and world how I'd like' into his work. This is when DICE truly began.

In episode 12 of 2012 If the Earth is Destroyed? The first debut of Dice was shown.

Dongtae BetaSketch



When the author was thinking of Dongtae's name, he wanted something that sounded like a typical protagonist, but simultaneously felt tacky. He thought the characters 'kang' 'chul' and 'tae' made a name seem classically brave yet a bit fishy, And so he made the name Dongtae. The characters in his name mean 'A changing image'. His story of longing to but not knowing how to change would be sparked by changing through the DICE.


Eunju BetaSketch

Eunju served as Dongtae's foil. A complete image of everything Dongtae couldn't reach. She's born fairly skilled into a wealthy environment with a well-rounded personality. Her 'perfection' may make her an object of scorn to onlookers. However, that even people like her carry scars. In the early workings of the story, Eunju was the last person Dongtae was fought in order to claim the final Die.


Mio BetaSketch

Mio's body reflected the author's back from his school days and he projected himself onto her. Mio from Stage 53 ("Mio I") especially captures a lot of his feelings. Mio is a simple person who sees only what she likes, but is weighed down by insecurities and crippling self-worth. It was briefly mentioned, but Mio's name comes from her complex that 'even a beautiful crow is, at the end of the day, only a crow. The name was also interpreted to be shortened from 'The ugly duckling'. The first syllables in Korean, combined, sound like Mio.


Taebin BetaSketch

Taebin was the image that Dongtae longed to achieve. His name stemmed from the author's prejudice that names with '-bin' sound handsome and cool. The fact that a hand reached out to save Taebin as he fell off the roof was an important theme that stretched into the epilogue. Every time the author saw depressing stories of school violence on the news, he stated that he wished to have caught their hands. That was his thoughts behind designing this character.


Of all the characters featured in Season 1, Mooyoung was the last one the author created. He decided to indirectly express Mooyoung's backstory in Episode STAGE 383 when he fell asleep. Mooyoung's name means 'no shadow'. The author drew inspiration from artist Lee Yeong-do's concept of having multiple souls in one body in his 'Soul Hoarders'. In the end, Mooyoung is liberated through eternal rest as he considers the end of the world and the end of his life synonymous.


X BetaSketch

X's motives are actually drawn from the author's younger self. When he was around five years old, he was the only child in his town, and he grew up lonely without much care from his parents. The difference between the author and X is that X lived in a ghost town whereas the author lived in a rural forest village. (The author's town didn't have a supermarket and the only way out was a bus line that came by once an hour.) The name X doesn't come from the alphabet, but rather from deus ex machina.


She was the last of the main characters the author created, and was the character the author came up with when he asked himself who would most strongly desire the Dice. The author feels thankful for her character as she was the biggest motivator in creating the long season 4.

Other Characters

Because the author doesn't believe there is such thing as a pure villain, he didn't want to create a story around killing some absolute evil force. The climax in this case was not a flashy battle, but a game of hide and seek.

Physical Publications of DICE


Somehow, Dice's physical copies ended up not being released in Korea, but in France. There are 4 volumes and more are in the works. Plans for a Korean release isn't clear yet.

Stage 387 - Scrapped Scene

The last Die that Dongtae left to Jieun didn't appear in the last episode. The author had a scene in mind, but after careful consideration, he chose not to feature it. And so, DICE ended without the last Die being used. What Jieun uses it for remains open-ended, and who knows if its purpose will be forgotten or if it will fall into someone else's hands.

Author's Notes

During serialization, I occasionally received emails asking "Is there really no such thing as Dice in this world.?" I was at a loss for words, so I couldn't provide a proper response.

I hope that Jieun's last unused Die through this story is able to reach those of you who wish to change yourselves, your lives, or even the world.


I don't think I'll be able to create something like DICE again... whatever that means. Over 8 years... My angsty 20's of screaming 'This world is wrong. No matter what I do, nothing will change!' are long behind me, And I was surprised by my foreign and changed mid-30's self I don't know what DICE will mean to everyone else moving onwards, but-

Sorry if you found it to be rubbish, Thanks if you found it entertaining I'm just hopeful and happy at the thought that... even if it's a small bit... this story will live on through your memories.


To Suzy, who helped bring this work into the world and watched it grow for all this time.

To Jungin and Jungwoo, who would always lend me strength through their encouragement, To my parents and sister, whom I love dearly. To my friends, seniors, and juniors, who kept me going strong.

To my manager and all the involved Naver Webtoon staff, who allowed me to share this piece and gave me support to see it through on this great platform.

To the assistants Ardo, Jihye Lee, MJ, Doeun Kim, Hyunjoo Jung, Yunkyung Yoo, Sungun Lim, Donew, Noklasuh, Eunmi Hwang, Jungman Kim, who participated in this work. (And to everyone else who participated even if it was for a short while!!)

To the Rock Diamond writer Jihoon Jung, backup vocalist, guitarist, and vocalist Soojung, for creating beautiful melodies for DICE. Also, to all the people who allowed me to use their names for my characters.

To other authors, who would share advice and encouragement online even though we had never met face to face. To my fellow authors, who are undoubtedly working tirelessly.

And of course, to BTS's RM, who likely holds all the Dice.

Thank you.

And since my memory may have left someone out, I also want to thank [_____] as well^^;

And most of all, I want to thank you, my readers, the most. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's because of my readers that I was able to make it through these past eight years. There would be no DICE without you.

To all of you who diligently read every week and commented your encouragement, (I'm sorry I could not individually reply to all of you.) To all of you who created music and fanart, and even my fans from abroad who sent their best wishes. I want to bow my head to relay my deep gratitude for all of you. I may have drawn this work, but I truly believe that it belongs to the readers as well.

Thank you for staying with me for eight years. You've been through a lot. I want to get healthier and do a lot of things before I write again. I hope to meet all the readers in the future when I return with a better work I can be proud of. May you be healthy and happy.

DiceScans Translation Team's Notes

Our own good-bye

Well, we're done climbing this huge mountain. Dicescans was created in August 11, 2014, as a birthday gift to a friend of Jin's who wanted to know what happened next in this series. I joined her at the end of the month, a few days after the first redrawer, Kfmnpah K.

After two attempts at sniping, changes of work, changes of place, adulthood, surgery, two US presidents, several elsewhere, two attempts at sniping, licensing of the series by Naver, emergency surgery and who knows what else, we're done. Dicescans has always been a minimalistic group. It's always been Jin, myself as drudger and someone else as redrawer: kfmnpah K, then Fábio, then Damo, then Velosiped, and whole parade of redrawers who were drawn by the beautiful art of the series (or by my desperate appeals): Riza, Veta, Slav, all the redrawers at Death Toll Scans, Boofy and so many others.

We also had many translators who were gracious enough to help us when Jin couldn't: Orange Translator, Aia-chan, Adioscorea, Actronav, Mel, likcoras and others. Our big thank you, too. We haven't decided on the future of Dicescans yet. But the site will be there, and we aren't going to vanish. For now, we'll bask on the accomplishment of finishing one of the hardest webtoons to edit out there.


-Splicer and Jin

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