Stage 1: Once Thrown A Dice Can't Be Stopped
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Season 1
Chapter 1
Korean Title STAGE 1 던져진 주사위는 멈출 수 없다
Release Date
Korean 25th May, 2013
English 1st July, 2014
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Summary Edit

The chapter opens with a scene - either the afterlife or a dream - in which someone tells the narrator that they have died and their success in the next life will be decided according to the number they roll on a die. This is confirmed as a person rolls a six and it is announced that they will become a popular idol. It then becomes the narrator's turn and he rolls a one. While it is announced they will be a bread shuttle, the reader sees his face for the first time: it is Dongtae.

The scene cuts to present life, while Dongtae is being violently bullied by Hyunjo. To add to his misery, he is reduced to watching his crush Eunju from a distance. Later that day, pondering his misery, he passes by an unknown young man and his attention briefly turns to him.

The young man, Taebin, is revealed to be a transfer student into Dongtae's class, seating next to him but his polar opposite: handsome, accomplished and popular. To make matters worse, over the weeks Dongtae witnesses Eunju and Taebin getting closer to each other and is devastated.

After a particularly vicious bullying session, Dongtae meets Taebin in the classroom and bursts out, telling him it would be great to be born like him. Taebin's expression changes and he asks Dongtae whether he would like to be reborn and change everything about him. The chapter ends with his asking: "would you like to play a game?"

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