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Dongtae and Taebin continue their conversation. Taebin's attitude changes and he reveals by his words a different side of his personality. In reality, he despises the superficial attention people give him just because he is handsome, and the unfairness of the world in which people are judged by his looks. Dongtae is negatively impressed by his duplicity.

When the two are about to talk about Taebin's offer of "being reborn", they are interrupted by Eunjoo's arrival. Dongtae realises Taebin had been waiting for her and becomes jealous, leaving suddenly in a hurry.

At that moment, Taebin receives a message taunting him for failing to "make the bread shuttle into an ally", but the sender tells he he can change the "quest" into "making the school's madonna her girlfriend". Taebin accepts and, without telling her anything about it, asks Eunjoo to go out to eat something.

At home, Dongtae feels more miserable than ever, both at the finding that Eunjoo and Taebin are going out together, and by his own folly in believing it could be possible to change all about himself he deplores.

The next day, he meets Eunjoo before class and thinks of asking her whether she is dating Taebin, but the two are interrupted by people shouting that Hyunjo and his henchmen have picked up a fight with Taebin. Eunjoo rushes immediately to the spot.

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