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REGAME..? is the season 3 finale and 200th episode of DICE. It leaves us off with the start of a new story arc and some unanswered questions. It also states at the end of the chapter that the next season will be the final season.

Character Appearances[]

Plot Summary[]

Dongtae has just lost all his regular dice he still has two A-Ranker Dice, Time Pause and Teleport plus the Special die (Ancient die). Eunjoo is fighting X one on one and is loosing due to her no longer having any dice. Just as X is about to kill her Mooyoung/Taebin comes in and starts attacking X. Dongtae is with Mio and she wants them to escape while they have the chance where Dongtae wants to go back and help Eunjoo. Mio gets Dongtae to leave just as the place starts collapsing.

The news covers the incident at the hospital and calls it a terror attack.

It then cuts to two days later and Dongtae wakes up from after passing out from when he and Mio got back to her house. Dongtae goes over the events in his head and decides he wants to go out and look for Eunjoo. Mio says that there's no point she already did it during the two days when he was passed out also tells him that now the game was acting weird and X had gone missing. There where no new quest, Item supply's from the shop where gone and no more dice where being given to players. Even after being told all this Dongtae goes out anyway in search of Eunjoo.

Running through the streets he realizes the effect of no longer having any dice is having on him. Then at that moment the game times out in trying to find X and so an AI takes over the system to keep the game going and says "Periodically, all Dicers will lose a certain amount of Dice.", "New features to aid in PK have been added" and "A new Global Quest has been added." The new Quest that the System AI made was to defeat a monster. The reward for doing so was 1000 Dice and a special gift. It proclaimed "All methods are valid for defeating this monster". The monster that players have to defeat is the Dicer Dongtae. Here starts the [New Quest] Bring Down the <dongtae>.