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Dongtae, Eunjoo and the students who want to watch the fight find the way to the roof blocked by Byungchul who is under orders from Hyunjo not to allow anyone up. Eunjoo appeals to the crowd but decides to go herself when everyone seems scared. Dongtae then decides to stop her and go up himself.

He arrives at the rooftop only to find, to his amazement, that Taebin not only is unscathed, but has beaten Hyunjo and the others savagely. Dongtae catches a glimpse of a blue Die in Taebin's hand, but doesn't give it more thought. Taebin teases Dongtae a bit about life being a game and goes downstairs to receive general acclaim.

Dongtae's despondency grows into a mix of desperation when he sees that Eunjoo and Taebin are getting closer by the minute, and decides to stalk them to expose Taebin's true colours to her.

In the meantime, Taebin receives a sudden mobile phone message: the sender, who had earlier commissioned him to beat up the bullies, announces a "hide and seek" quest without giving details. Taebin then gives an Eunjoo an excuse to part with her and leaves in another direction. Dongtae decides to follow him.

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