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Dongtae follows Taebin to the rooftop of a building. He observes for a while, wondering what he is doing, when suddenly he hears a strange sound behind him and sees a light behind him. He sees a blue die materialise in the light and picks it up on instinct, only to be found by Taebin.

Taebin is told by the phone to snatch the Die and proceeds accordingly. Dongtae refuses to give it and the two struggle. In the middle of it, Dongtae lets the Die drop and it becomes red. He then receives a message on his own phone from the same person who has been instructing Taebin: "Congratulations on becoming a Dicer".

Seeing that, Taebin becomes shocked for a moment and then seems to lose interest in the matter and leaves.

Dongtae rushes home in an agitated state and on arriving, begins to receive messages from the mysterious sender, who seems to be able to see everything around Dongtae and listen to him without his needing to type anything. He then introduces himself as X and tells Dongtae what he has is a Die: the cube that changes everything.

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