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Prior to becoming a dicer, because of her seclusion, she usually wore a nightgown or casual clothes. When going out however, to avoid becoming noticed, she wears simple clothing, a mask and a cap. In the later arcs, she loses her mask and gains the courage to go on without hiding herself.


After an embarrassing video of her goes viral, she goes into a life of seclusion. She shies away from other people and stays as hidden as she can. Whenever she does go outside she wears a mask.

When she got her hands on dice, she became desperate for the ability to change her face so she won't be recognized as the girl in the video. She goes to extreme lengths, to the point where she kills some dicers and harms NPCs.


Jieun goes into hiding after an embarrassing video goes viral of her. She would spend most of her time on the internet. One month after the battle against X, she finds a live stream of a man using a dice and offering dice for money. Jieun, desperate to change her face so no one would recognize her from the video, agrees to meet the man. Before the man could give her the dice he recognizes her from the video and mocks her. Jieun, panicked and hysterical, stabs him with her knife and steals all his dice. One of the dice stolen is an A ranker dice. 

Time progresses, and she loses both her cap and facemask, trying to hide herself as much as she can while hunting for the mobs. She later on finds Dongtae via Mob Notification, which is default for PVP stage. A couple of other A-Rankers manage to chase Dongtae down, leading Jieun to silently follow him, eventually leading up to saving him when he is cornered. Much to her suprise, Dongtae managed to co-operate with her, leading themselves out of the carnage and eventually their alliance forms.

Later on when Mio hosts a battle tournament with Dongtae hostage, Jieun participates, rolling her Cloaking Die, obtaining the skill and fights against opponents in the rounds. She wins, and is sent off to guard Dongtae on a shift, giving him a few dice. When Dongtae escapes, goes off with Eunjoo to find Mio, she then encounters her in a subway tunnel, looking for a way out. Jieun helps patch up her wound, and then continue evading the others continuing to search for her. Mio as a result is left in a subway train, attacking the others while Jieun escapes using Cloaking.

Nearing the Final Battle Royale, X's cutline is established and Jieun takes off collecting other's dice using Cloaking. While wishing to improve herself and thinking about becoming an S-Ranker, she manages to encounter Eunjoo, then proceeds to follow her. Eunjoo manages to irritate 2 other people, which corner her into an alleyway. Jieun then attacks them, cussing Eunjoo out for 'Not taking action'.

This results in a conflict, causing her to pass out via Eunjoo's Psychokinesis. The noise alerted other people's attention, which Emergency Services arrived at the scene. Jieun regains consciousness with the presence of an EMT, but freaks out, trying to find her facemask. Her erratic behavior causes more people to arrive at the scene, with a few starting to record her, triggering her past memory. She then attacks them under Cloaking, escaping. However, the recording makes its way online and Jieun is indentified in the video and News article published.

Nearing further down 'D-Day', Jieun manages to find Dongtae and Mio under the temporary effect of appearance, taking on Mio's face before stumbling into Dongtae, her face reverting to before. She is then taken care of by Dongtae and Mio, and is confronted by Mio when Dongtae was off getting supplies. This results in Mio getting wounded.

Later on X announces an update, and the room then disintegrates, along with Dongtae and Jieun being transported to the "Final Stage", as X calls it.

Dongtae loses himself and then proceeds to PK other A-Rankers, and Eunjoo along with Johan and Daewoong, try to form a plan to stop him. Jieun catches up to them, volunteering.

Eunjoo and Jieun, tasked with tracking Dongtae, are met with an unexpected outcome. Jieun takes off another course, with Eunjoo going off another. She then finds a convenience store, in order to find a weapon. One of the store's patrons recognise her, and she lashes out as a result. She then uses their fallen dice to attempt to purchase 'Something strong.' Hyeon Choi sees her desire and proceeds to walk her down of what seems like a 'Hidden Stage'.



She meets Dongtae on her first day as a dicer. Several complexes and time later, he teaches her the basics of using dice and lets her stay at his house. Jieun saves Dongtae from a bunch of dicers ganging up on him. When Dongtae was kidnapped by several dicers for a tournament, Jieun enters the tournament to save him. As he got to know her, he started calling her "big sis." 


Originally meets Mio during the Battle Tournament, skeptical of her.  Mio later on trusts her to escape and alert Dongtae.


First encounter was a conflict. Later on gained the trust of Eunjoo and fought alongside her.