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Jihae is one of the original group members Taebin and Mooyoung gave Dice to in the past. Jihae was the 6th Dicer of the group.[1] Sometime in the past she became an A-Ranker, acquiring the ability of Clairvoyance. After Mooyoung attacked the group, she was one of those who were killed.


Jihae was a pretty girl with maroon-brown coloured hair and brown eyes.


She was apparently patient, quiet and liked to read books.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]

As an A-Ranker, Jihae gained the ability of Clairvoyance. During the group's time together, they continually strengthened her ability. At first she was able to see through clothes, then after further strengthening she could see Dawn's muscle and bone structure as well as her circulatory system.[2] Eventually, the strengthened her ability to the point where she was able to see the place where X resided and in it, she could see a large cube.[3] Strengthening her ability to this level is assumed to have put serious stress on her optical organs, as her blood vessels were noticeably raised around and on her eyes.[3]