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Jinju was a student in the same school and year as the main characters as well as a Dicer.


Jinju's looks before becoming a Dicer are never shown, and it is known from the story that she invested points in them, so presumably she was plain or even ugly. As a Dicer, though, she became tall and slim, with smooth skin and flowing brunette hair, perpetually closed eyes (which are the same colour as her hair) and prim facial features.


From the very beginning, and perhaps more than anyone else, Jinju was moved by greed. She was absolutely remorseless, merciless and uncompromising in all her endeavours. The amount of harm she would cause, or who the victim of that harm was, were no concerns of hers. Those feelings were reflected in her expression, which would often sport a maniacal grin, and in her outbursts of rage when she was contradicted or foiled in her plans. She would also exude contempt for people who disagreed with her, like Eunjoo.


Jinju first appeared as just a member of a trio of girls from the class next to Dongtae's who became the object of attention due to their becoming suddenly much prettier. This happened just after Byungchul's death and it is implied they were in the first wave of students who laid hands on the Dice scattered in the event. They are later known as the "Three Fire Foxes" or "Three Vixens".

During the Pandora Arc, X announces the Eunjoo Mass Quest and the three girls decide to participate in order to eliminate her as a competitor for popularity and become the true queens of the school. They ally themselves with Daewoong and the rest of the Class 8 Family to execute a coordinated attack to kidnap her while she is being protected by Dongtae and Taebin. Miju is central to the plan: she manages to replace the pianist during Eunjoo's choral practice and when the other conspirators shut down the lights, she uses her Night Vision to abduct Eunjoo amid the darkness. She locks her in a cupboard.

Later, when Dongtae manages to free Eunjoo and the two try to escape to the rooftop, the Three Fire Foxes coordinate the attack on them.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jinju had high agility as a Dicer, but not to Dongtae's level.