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This page lists down all Dice music heard as a background when reading the chapter in webtoons, Naver and LINE.

For ALL music, visit The Rock Diamond.


Song Located In: Appears in Stage:
The First Day The First Day 0 - Prologue
CHAOS (DiceEdit) DICE OST - CHAOS 16 - Chaos
PANDORA Dice in the Pandora's Box 36 - End of the Day (2)
ReBIRTH (DICEdit) Dice & ReBIRTH 53 - Mio (1)
Dahlia (Radio Edit) DICE: Dahlia 62 - To be...
I Saw You In My Dream Again I Met You in my Dream 76 - Taebin (Mooyoung) VI
Abraxas Goodbye Juliet 114 - Zwischenzug (Queen's Gambit)
Lovers Lovers With Dice 139 - Lovers (4)
Welcome to the Wonderland ? 153 - Chariot (5)