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Mooyoung is a Dicer and was Taebin's former mentor, and the person who gave him his first Dice. He was one of the most powerful Dicers in the game. He killed most of all other rankers in Taebin's former school, excluding Taebin and Dawn. His motivations are to "reset the world". He was created when X asked the Final Die to have someone to play with forever, along with him being split in two, Mooyoung was summoned before X.


Mooyoung is an athletically built youth with brown skin and white hair. He is very tall, even more so than Taebin, and has yellow eyes that are hidden by his hair. He wears a hooded blue jacket with a white under shirt and blue jeans.


Mooyoung is outwardly affable and charismatic. Initially, he treats Taebin like an apprentice under his wings, and encourages him to evolve as a Dicer to get back at all of his former bullies. Behind that kindness, though, Mooyoung is cold,calculating,maniputive, and his only ambition seems to be to become the Top Ranker by whatever means. He has fully embraced the implications of the quest system and seemingly has no compassion for other people, being ready to kill them if it helps him to achieve his goals which is to "reset the world".


X as a creeper

Mooyoung was a student from Taebin's old school. He first appeared in the story when Taebin was considering suicide as a consequence of the relentless bullying he suffered. Surprising him from behind in the middle of the rain, Mooyoung caused Taebin to almost fall from the building, but he saved him and gave Taebin a Die saying that he died that day and the life he had, now belonged to him.

After that Taebin worked together with Mooyoung learning as much about Dice as he could and often giving his mentor a share of his own earned dice. Mooyoung praised Taebin for realizing the role of desires in the generation of Dice, but implied that desires could never be truly quelled, as they evolve and become more ambitious. Taebin failed to understand the implications, and why Mooyoung gave him Dice in the first place, but Mooyoung didn't elaborate.

Over time Mooyoung assembled a small group of Dicers, apparently much in the manner of the later guilds in Dongtae's school. He kept an aloof position and didn't reveal his thoughts, even to his admirer Taebin. Finally, Mooyoung gathered the members of his group and killed them. He grabbed Taebin and told him that he aimed to attain the next level of Dice, but Taebin escaped at that moment and nothing more was said on the matter. Before Taebin left for good, Mooyoung said running away was futile, because no matter where he went, Dice would eventually spread to other people in that place and the cycle would begin again.

He appeared as a "prophet" for Gilma's guild, giving them a Die that would indicate when the rules would change. Later, he killed the guild and took the A-rank Die that fell. At this time, Mooyoung was co-inhabiting Taebin's body and had temporarily taken control.

By the time X launched the new mass quest in Dongtae's school, pitting A-Rankers against each other, Mooyoung had managed to track Taebin down and reach the school. However, it was later revealed by Taebin that the Mooyoung who had come to the school was not the "real" Mooyoung (it was Dawn in disguise as Mooyoung), as his movements and attack patterns were different.

Powers and Abilities

Mooyoung is currently an A-Ranker (in the timeline of Dongtae's story), but having been a Dicer longer than the other characters in the story, he has evolved beyond everyone else. He seems to have maxed out most of his physical skills. His strength is superhuman, and he has killed other A-Rankers by using a special skill called Life Drain (probably a upgrade of Time Pause) to drain their life. His endurance is such that even kicks and punches from Taebin are unable to lay a scratch on him.

I want the Time Stop Die cause then i will have OP power

His trademark skill is Time Pause, like Dongtae's. He uses it effectively to defeat any attempts at resistance from other A-Rankers while killing them. He is also immune to Time Pause cast by Dongtae (which is a natural resistance of all Time Pause users). He also currently has access to the Teleportation and Psychokinesis skills, gaining the latter from Gilma and the former via Taebin.

It is heavily implied that Mooyoung has become an S-Ranker multiple times before, but has always failed to beat X.



Mooyoung has challenged X multiple times before, and X states that he finds Mooyoung's repetive challenges to have gotten boring. Mooyoung desires to win the Final Die from X.


Taebin and Mooyoung have a long history together, and were both dicers long before most of the other characters in the story. Mooyoung has referred to Taebin as an apprentice. However, when Mooyoung killed their friends to reach enough skills to challenge X, their friendship ended.

Mooyoung has inhabited Taebin's body before, without Taebin knowingly consciously. It is later revealed.


He says that while Taebin dated her, he became fond of her as well.