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Chun Nobong is the professor of Ethics in the school of the protagonists. He was completely oblivious to the events that involved Dice, and eventually became the second target chosen by X in War Quest, eventually being taken out by his colleague Kim. He is a pawn in X's chess.


Teacher Chun is a middle-aged man with a saggy face and nearly shut eyes, pale skin and black hair, who always wears glasses and the same outfit. He is average height and walks with a slight hunch forward. He appears to be the oldest teacher in the school.


Chun Nobong has a meek personality and is easily intimidated. He is frightened by the students' physical power and once cowered in fear when Dongtae threatened to start a fight with Taebin in the middle of the class.

He seems to enjoy a good standing with students, though, and even Samsusaeng, who resents his High School life intensely, holds him in high regard and goes to him for conversation.

He is also tired by age and routine and comments that his time was past in conversation with teacher Kim.


During most of the series, Chun Nobong's name is not revealed and his role is marginal. He features in a disturbing dream Dongtae has after Byungchul's death when Dice are spreading, and it is also he who reads the Pandora Box story that sets the tone for the arc of the same name.

Later, it is shown that he is a colleague and possibly the direct supervisor to teacher-in-training Kim, and also a former teacher of Samsusaeng, who comes to him to talk about a wonderful thing he discovers (Dice). Teacher Chun remains none the wiser, though, and when the War Quest starts, he is seen trying to coordinate the students while they are gathering in the auditorium for protection.

When X announces his as the next target's name without giving any other hints, Eunjoo is the only student to recognise it. Dongtae, Che-Hyun, Hyunjo, Eunjoo and Mio try to reach him before teacher Kim does, but the latter has the advantage and eventually succeeds in taking Chun out. He survives, ends up in hospital then passes away while there.