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Suksoon Jung is a student of First Private High and also an A-rank Dicer.


Suksoon has a tall well built frame. His hair has a slightly blue tinge which persists thorugh the series. He is normally seen wearing a school uniform but can also be seen in sweatshirts and other outfits.


Deeply affectionate towards Nani and would do anything to protect her. May appear very selfish.


Powers and Abilities[]

Suksoon is the third known Time Pause user after Dongtae and Mooyoung. He obtained his Time Cutter ability through an upgrade dice with the instructions of X. The ability is a "knife-like" blade connected to the users arm. This ability causes the person who is stabbed to experience a time pause effect and thus are unable to move. Unfortunately, the user experiences major side effects when using "Time Cutter" such as deforming his body through rapid use of "Time Cutter".


Nani Kim He is the boyfriend of Nani and deeply cares for her. He compliments on her hair when forced by Nani to say something nice about her. He is responsible on cutting her hair on Nani's command. Although Nani is now bald, he still says he loves her no matter what and will always stay at her side. It is said that only he cares about her and is the actually only one who visits her at the hospital.

Notes & Trivia[]

Suksoon's "Time Cutter" ability was able to "merge" with Dawn's "Air Gravity" making him able to send shockwaves by swinging "Time Cutter" at a general direction.