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Yohwan, or Johan as written in the English version of Webtoon; Was a former wheelchair-bound boy who was given the ability to walk again by his church's offer of Dice.


Prior to becoming a dicer, nothing much was noted by his appearance except for his lack of ability to walk, usually wheelchair bound. He wears hospital clothes as a result.

After dicership, he is granted the church's usual wear which consists of a black robe.


He is loyal to his church's group and does his best to return to their favor, even attempting to harm dicers to gain their attention and deliver 'punishment' to what he feels that someone has done wrong. In the later chapters he grows less obsessive over the fact, but still keeps his faith in religion and his churchmembers as well.



Yohwan is killed by Mooyoung[1]

Yohwan and his churchmates appear in the Battle Tournament for Dongtae arc, with him fighting along with his group throughout the matches. When Dongtae escapes captivity and Sooyoung's group destroyed the building, he is seen using his skills in an attempt to slow down the Mob. Daewoong ambushes Dongtae using cloaking, and another conflict occurs in which the two are left behind while Dongtae escapes.

Yohwan along with his church members form an alliance with the other dicers to hunt down Dongtae in an abandoned subway, in which Mooyoung appears and eliminates most his chuchmates. Yohwan encounters Eunjoo in the upper levels of the tunnel and attempts to reason against her not until Dongtae teleports to their location, with him smashing the ground with his Wing Metamorphosis in order to reach him.

Time passes and the rest of the dicers are transported to an open field, signalling the start of the A-Ranker Battle Royale. During this period, Yohwan collects dice of his own accord offscreen and is later brought back into consciousness by Daewoong. The two form an alliance to stop Mooyoung and Dongtae's acrimony and later on Yohwan encounters Mooyoung which results in a fight that then kills him. As a result, Mooyoung inhabits his body for a limited period of time.

Powers and Abilities[]


Yohwan's wings[2]

His skill upgrade from Levitation allows him to use Cyclone, which forms a strong gust of wind that can destroy buildings. The level upgrade to Wing Metamorphosis allows him to fly, and use the wings as an adaptive form for attack, defence, and other uses.


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